To be the Finest Heart Care and Service Organization in the World


To Provide an Exceptional Heart Care to every Patient, Each Day with a Spirit of Warmth, Compassion, Friendliness and Personal Pride.


Exceptional Quality Heart Care, Patient Satisfaction, Value to Life Operational Efficiency, Healthcare Innovation

ICARE Values


Plexus Provide World-class Cardiology Treatments and Services at affordable costs to the Patients with the Innovative Clinical team and Cutting Edge State of the Art technology.

Committed and Compassionate Patient Centric Care with the highest quality & Safe Heart care.

To provide Personalized Care to every Patient, every time and that exceeds their Expectations.
We will also strive to expand our accessibility by targeting Remote and Under-equipped areas of the Society.

Maintaining the 3 A’s – Assurance, Affordable and Accessible Cardiology Practice.

Plexus Cardiac Care strives to be the premier HEART care provider in India and the finest destination in Primary to Tertiary Cardiology Care, holding a highest Standard of Medical Ethics and assures the highest Customer Care Satisfaction.

The Vison, Mission and ICARE Values establish the foundation for Plexus Care culture and focus the organization on providing exceptional care to every patient each day.

Our Vision to be the Finest care and service organization in the world is INTENDED to INSPIRES its WORKFORCE towards Ever-Improving Performances.